Frosty Moss Relay Awards and Results


 The following awards are given at the after-party: 

  • Frosty Moss 1st place 4-5 person team
  • Frosty Moss 1st place 2-3 person team
  • Frosty Moss middle place team – Mediocrity Award
    • How does this work? This award will depend on the total number of STARTING teams (all waves), which will not be determined until race day. The award will be given to the team finishing in the middle as far as TIME PLACEMENT  (which is not necessarily the same as finish line order because of the staggered start times). For example, if there are 41 teams that start (DNFs will still be included in this count), the Mediocrity Award will go to the team finishing 21st for overall placement (20 teams faster, 20 teams slower or DNFr). If there is any even  number of teams – let’s say 40 teams that start, we will also use team that is 21st, because they are more mediocre than the team coming in 20th)
  • Frosty Moss last team in – Last Slug Standing
  • Mini Moss 1st place team
  • 50K 1st place woman
  • 50K 1st place man
  • 50K 1st place non-binary
  • BEST TEAM THEME – get those costumes and vehicle decorations going! This award is chosen by race staff and volunteers
  • BEST EXCHANGE ZONE – Full Frosty Moss teams get to vote on which of the 14 exchanges is the BEST, with whatever that means to you

2024 Awards and Results

1st Place Frosty Moss 2/3-person team: Suitcase of Courage   8:50:44

1st Place Frosty Moss 4/5-person team: Prentice Financial Planning   8:40:11

1st Place Mini Moss: The Petersen Crew   4:08:21

1st Place 50K male: Steven Renard 4:18:34
1st Place 50K female: Stacia Givens  5:04:04
Mediocrity Award: TsvyetScotts  12:15:31

Last Slug Standing: Frolicking Frosty Five  15:46:37

  • “Influencer” Team: Runner Ducks: Poultry in Motion
  • Best Team Theme: Stupid is as Stupid Does
  • Best Exchange Zone: FM Exchange 4 “Sasquatch”

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2024 Photos

2024 Photos

2023 Awards and Results

1st Place Frosty Moss 2/3-person team: Root Trip 11:11:26
1st Place Frosty Moss 4/5-person team: Limax Trax  10:01:05
1st Place Mini Moss: Suitcase Courage Watermelon Wanderers  3:32:33
1st Place 50K male: Patrick Morse  4:10:12
1st Place 50K female: Stacia Givens  5:06:17
Mediocrity Award: ME-OW
Last Slug Standing: A Team Has No Name
Best Exchange Zone: FM Exchange 4 “Man Cave”

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2023 Photos

2023 Photos

*  low resolution are downloadable for free, and the “Buy Photos” are for if they want a high resolution version for print


2022 Awards and Results

Frosty Moss – Team of 4/5 – 1st Place: Legs Miserables 9:28:22Frosty Moss – Team of 2/3 – 1st Place: Ruck Yeah 9:49:39Mini Moss – 1st Place: Sloth Racing Team 3:49:57Mediocrity Award: J.U.G.S.Last Slug Standing: 4 Non Blondes 15:57:04Best Team Theme / Costume: Slugsicles (of course!)Best Exchange Zone: Carrie Blake Park – Sequim H.S. Cross Country team#frostymoss2022 prize basket: Slugsicles

2021 Awards and Results

1st place Mini Moss Team: Vanguard, 3:53:39

1st place Frosty Moss First 4/5-Runner Team: Frosty Nips, 9:28:03

1st place Frosty Moss First 2/3-Runner Team: Oatmeal Gang, 10:35:10

Frosty Moss Mediocrity Award:

The 2021 Mediocrity Award should have gone to your Race Directors – because we messed up the Mediocrity Award! So this year we have two teams to get the award:

Turtle and the Hares, for finishing 12th out of 23 starting teams, and

Subalpine Tees, who crossed the line 12th (which is where our mistake came in, they actually finished 6th) who will keep the award they were given because we really love their mustaches which should maybe be an award in itself!

Last Slugs Standing Award (final team to finish): Frosty Flamingos, 15:37:43

Best Team Theme/Costumes (Race Directors’ Choice): Run Biddies

Best Exchange Zone (Runners’ Choice): 

You voted with your photos! Given the extraordinary number of photos with the horse and donkey at Exchange 6, they, their owner, and the Back Country Horsemen Peninsula Chapter earned the Best Exchange Zone for 2021, their second win in 3 years.

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2021 Photos

2021 Photos

2020 Awards and Results

First 5-Runner Team: Atlas Athletes, 9:29:15.5

First 3-Runner Team: Gryffindor Trail Jazz, 10:53:40.9

Mediocrity Award (20th out of 40 starting teams):Serial Chillers, 12:31:46.8

Last Slugs Standing (final team to finish): Haggerty Consulting Funner Runners, 15:32:01.8

Best Dressed Team Vehicle (Race Directors’ Choice): Slugsicles

Best Exchange Zone (Runners’ Choice): Woodland Fairies (Audrey Bryant and crew)

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2019 Awards and Results

First 5-Runner Team: Tactical Rehabilitation, 10:08:42.0

First 3-Runner Team: Forest Gnomes, 11:33:26.1

Mediocrity Award (15th out of 30 starting teams): Phoenix Dragon Warriors, 13:21:18.8

Last Slugs Standing (final team to finish): Worst Game of Tag EVER, 15:38:04.2

Best Dressed Team Vehicle (Race Directors’ Choice): Slugsicles

Best Exchange Zone (Runners’ Choice): Back Country Horsemen Peninsula Chapter, Exchange Zone 6, Dan Kelly Equestrian Lot

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