Frosty Moss Relay FAQ

Your safety is our top priority. (Of course, fun is next on the list!) All participants will receive a Frosty Moss Relay Team Guide containing detailed event and safety rules and a list of required gear. Please read it carefully in advance of relay day.

Below are a few FAQs. We’ll continue to update this page as relay day approaches.

There are many potential hazards in an event of this type, including but not limited to motor vehicle traffic, road and trail conditions, and weather. We ask that all Frosty Mossers take appropriate precautions to ensure a fun and safe event. Please help us keep the Frosty Moss Relay safe by focusing on being safe runners and safe support crews.

PRO TIP: Register early to hold your spot!

You don’t need to know the names of everyone on your team when you register. Your team captain will enter their contact info, the team’s name, if it’s a 3- or 5-runner team, and wave time based on overall average pace. 

On relay weekend, bring a team roster, plus signed liability waivers for each member of your team. Both forms are linked in the top menu bar.

Friday Team Meeting

All teams are strongly encouraged to attend the rules &  safety briefing on the evening of Friday, Feb. 22. Location/time TBD. Odds of frosty beverages are in your favor!

Who Can Be on a Team?

Relay teams may consist of either 3 or 5 runners. Any age and gender, road and trail fans. Mix it up! Teams must average an overall 12-minute pace or faster, including exchange points.

Will We Run in the Dark?

Yes! Sunset is at 5:48pm on relay day. Runners must wear reflective vests, headlamps, and blinkie lights after dark. We’ll be checking that all teams have required gear at the start line.

Is There a Cutoff Time?

Yes! Teams finishing Leg 12 after 8:30pm will receive a “Go Directly to the Finish Line Party” pass (aka DNF). Plan to average an overall 12-minute pace or better, including exchanges.

Do We Drive Ourselves?

Yes! As with most relay events, teams provide their own in-race vehicle. 3-runner teams will cover a bit more than a marathon distance, so maybe bring a nonrunner friend to drive.

Are the Roads Open to Traffic?

Yes! And so are the road crossings! When running on the side of a road or city street, runners should run against traffic. Cross only when traffic has cleared.

What About Food and Drinks?

Team vans should come prepared with food, drinks, extra layers, first-aid kit, and whatever else you’ll want with you during relay day. We’ve got the after-party food and bevvies covered!

Can I Walk?

As long as your team can average an overall 12-minute pace or better, you can move forward in whatever run/walk mode suits you. Professional speedwalkers welcome!

Can I Wear Headphones?

We’d rather you didn’t. If you insist, keep the volume low so you can hear course marshals, passing runners, traffic, and cougars. If you can’t hear your own footsteps, the volume is too high.

Can I Bring My Dog?

We love our dogs—and probably yours, too—but please leave them with a trusted dog sitter. Dogs are not allowed at the after-party.

Where Should We Stay Before/After?

We’ll have a list of recommended local hotels soon!


Trust us, once you spend the day running though all the amazing ecosystems of the North Olympic Peninsula, you’ll wonder why you spent February anywhere else.